Digital (D Series) Users:
Vehicle Tracking & Recovery Systems
- GPS based tracking using the GSM cellular Network
- Includes 1 year of service and 24 uses
- Live call center for installation testing and device activation
- Simple 2-wire installation
- Built-in cellular antenna for easier installation
- External plug-in GPS antenna included
- Built-in backup battery provides up to 8 hours of power
- Geo-fence reporting alerts with bi-directional boundary crossing and has mulitple settings from 1/8 mile to 300 miles radius. Can also be scheduled for work hours
- Speed alert with settings in 5 MPH increments from 45 to 95 MPH
- Auto tracking reports location at your selected time interval
- Track multiple vehicles from one account
- Full North American mapping with aerial satellite view & bird's eye view in major cities powered by Microsoft's Virtual Earth(TM)
- Optional "Personal Assistant" service provides a live monitoring center 24/7
- Optional "Theft Recovery Assistant" service provides live personnel to assist authorities in recovering your stolen vehicle
- History Logs show location, command, and alert history

- Includes all the feature os the GPS-D1 plus...
- Alarm alert input for use with any aftermarket or factory car alarm
- Low battery alert*
- Starter interrupt included
- Unlock output for "instant locksmith" feature
- Auxiliary output for remote start, door locking, or any add-on accessory

Service Pricing
Omega GPS Plans & Pricing 1 year
(Includes 24
addt'l uses)
2 year
(Includes 48
addt'l uses)
3 year
(Includes 72
addt'l uses)
Price at time of activation $29.95 $44.95 $59.95
Price after time of activation $39.95 $59.95 $79.95

Additional Use Packages & Pricing 100 additional uses 250 additional uses 500 additional uses
Price at time of activation $29.95 $59.95 $99.95
Price after time of activation $39.95 $79.95 $149.95

Personal Assistant & Theft Recovery Pricing 60 Minutes- Personal Assistant Theft Recovery (For Service Term) 60-min Personal Assistant & TRA Bundle
Price at time of activation $59.95 $49.95 $89.95
Price after time of activation $69.95 $59.95 N/A

NOTE: All pricing subject to change without notice.



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