Digital (D Series) Users:
Omega GPS For Asset Protection & Fleet Management

Keep track of employee productivity and protect your company's assets. Plus, with no monthly service fees, Omega GPS is cost-effective!

Speed Trap -
Alerts you via email or text message if the vehicle exceeds a selected speed, to warn of dangerous driving. You can select any 5 MPH increment from 45 to 95 MPH.

Geo-Fence -
Can be used to monitor and control the travel restrictions of your drivers. You can select a radius from 1/8 mile up to 300 miles around any location. It will alert you via email or text message whenever the boundary is crossed!

Night Owl-
Omega GPS can be configured to monitor your vehicles against theft automatically after your hours of operation.
- Set any time of day and any days of the week to arm or disarm your system(s)
- If an alarm event occurs, the system will automatically enter auto-tracking mode
- If the vehicle moves during this time, you will be alerted

Group Commands -
With one click of your mouse, you can broadcast any command across your entire fleet or inventory of vehicles.




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