Digital (D Series) Users:

A New Level Of Security & Safety. . .

The OmegaGPS digital tracking system is an internet based GPS tracking system that maps the location, speed, and direction of your vehicle, anywhere, nationwide.

Alerts. . .
You can be alerted by email or text message if...
- Your vehicle's alarm is activated
- Your vehicle exceeds a selected speed
- Your vehicle moves out of your set GEO fence
- Your vehicle's battery is low

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Family Protection. . .
When a loved one is late or unaccounted for, you can find the exact location of their vehicle to verify their safety.

SPEED TRAP - alerts you if your vehicle exceeds a pre-selected speed, to warn of dangerous driving.

GEO FENCE - can be used to set a perimeter around any location and alerts you if that perimeter is crossed.

Hi-Tech With A Personal Touch. . .
Live support specialists, and enhanced, optional services like PERSONAL ASSISTANT and THEFT RECOVERY ASSISTANT make using your system stress free.

Mobile Device

Get Opera Mini!

Opera Mini web browser is compatible with any JSR-75 enabled phone and allows use of functions. Track your vehicle on the go!
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Analog Tracker Users

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